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Welcome to Visual Pro 360

Visual Pro 360  is a value added Solutions Provider specializing in the distribution and integration of Computer Systems for the private and government sectors. Because of the proliferation of applications and the fact that it’s impossible to serve all markets, we have chosen a select few vertical markets to serve intensively but will also provide solutions to virtually any business enterprises’ computer needs. We have selected several verticals to serve that are very high profile in today’s world and are extremely fast growing with the utilization of high-tech computing. These several verticals are Utilities, Oil & Gas, Health Care, Aviation, Construction, Public Safety, Transportation, Route Delivery and Telecommunication.

Our services encompass the complete systems design from defining requirements, hardware integration, configuration, vendor and project pre-deployment management, disk image management, and total cost of ownership analysis.

We also distinguish ourselves by providing our clients the systems necessary for clear communications, objective evaluation, product comparisons, and pre-sale and post sale support. It is our intent to do everything possible to get you the right solution for your need. If you need samples, same day shipping or a leasing program, we make every effort to accommodate those needs. In short, it will be easy to do business with us.

Visual Pro 360 ~ Providing Tomorrow's Solutions Today.


Mr. White is an industry veteran. Most recently Mr. White founded and served as President of Innovative Marketing, a retailer of Personal Computer Systems in the B2B market. Mr. White was with Innovative from 1999 through 2005. Mr. White was with Graphics Technologies as Vice president of Procurement from 1986 through 1999. Mr. White was a key executive in that position and contributed heavily to the companies successes. He is an excellent negotiator with both manufacturers and customers and has a unique ability to motivate employees with his personable yet firm style. Prior management positions included software company “You can Count on it” and computerized Metal Fabrication Company; Numerex.


Mr. Herold is a seasoned veteran in the industry having held high level executive positions at several successful companies over the past 32 years. Mr. Herold was an independent investor and consultant for companies focusing mainly in the high-tech arena. Prior to that, Mr. Herold was President and CEO of Graphics Technologies, Inc. (GTI), a company he founded in 1987. GTI was a computer products distributor specializing in high-end personal computer graphics. In 1999, Mr. Herold sold GTI to Virtual Technology, Inc., a public company. From 1980 to 1999, Mr. Herold was President of Herold Marketing Associates, a company he founded as a manufacturer’s representative organization marketing products such as Apple computer in an exclusive four state territory. Prior to 1972, he served as a Senior Financial Analyst at Dayton Hudson Corporation, a diagnostic programmer at Univac and Slumberger, and a customer Engineer at Control Data Corporation. Herold served a tour in the US Navy followed by graduating from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Senior Vice President
Vice President of Operations
Vice President of Marketing
Vice President of Sales (Public Safety)
Office Operation Manager
Distribution Manager

Born and raised in Sioux City, Iowa, Russ graduated from Wayne State College (NE) in 1988 with a Business Management degree while under a basketball scholarship.  After college, Russ worked in the transportation industry for the next 20+ years, with the majority of them being with Swift Transportation Co Inc in Phoenix, AZ.  Russ was a Project Manager at Swift and managed several annual projects, most notably the annual WalMart Blitz.  This was an annual project with an average revenue of $10M for WalMart’s Black Friday sales event.  Russ proved to be a valuable asset to Swift’s executive team for these projects.

Public Safety Sales Representative

Mark began selling personal computer solutions in 1987 and has been involved with the Panasonic Toughbooks and Visual Pro 360 for the last 6 years.  Mark works with all type of accounts with a focus on enterprise, electric and water utility companies. “My goal with all my customers is to bring an awareness of the right product and to help my customers choose the right tool for the job”.  Mark also works with vehicle mounting options and any other items that add value to the Toughbook solution. “My goal with all my customers to earn your business, make sure you come back for more and to gain your trust so I can help your friends and colleagues that have similar needs”

Account Manager

Jay McMillan is an Account Manager at VisualPro 360 INC, specializing in Panasonic Toughbooks.  Experienced in both software and hardware sales with a BA in  Interdisciplinary Studies from Arizona State University.  Jay McMillan draws from his knowledge of rugged computing to find the best solution for each situation.

Southwest Sales Representative

Mr. Pisano is a United States Marine and Army Officer. Serving eight years in the Marine Corps and currently serving as a Commanding Officer in the Arizona National Guard. Capitan Pisano was deployed to Afghanistan as an AH-64D helicopter Pilot 2012-2013. His time in the military has earned him numerous awards such as the Army Air Medal, Army Achievement Medal, and Navy/Marine Corps Achievement medal to name a few. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from University of phoenix. Mr. Pisano has worked as an IT Manager for over 15 years and owned his own business for seven years. As a small business owner Mr. Pisano successfully ran a small computer business with over 1500 retail clients and over 100 business clients. He has run numerous projects, small to large encompassing the efforts of multiple organizations for both the military and civilian sectors. As a leader in the military and as a business owner Mr. Pisano has had the privilege of leading teams of five to 57 directly under his management. Mr. Pisano brings his unique experience to VisualPro 360 understanding the Arbitrator product and channel sales and support. Mr. Pisano passion of sales and assisting agencies with understanding their unique needs puts him above the rest and the go to person with VisualPro 360.

Marketing Manager

Born in Salisbury, MD and raised in Phoenix, AZ, Jay is a study of film/ marketing. Graduate of University of Arizona in Media Arts/ Marketing studies, continued his education with Gnomon Visual Effects Academy and the Art Institute for film and web development. He has served as consultant and Creative Director for several entertainment entities and owned his own webdesign company. Marketing Manager/Creative Ninja.

Senior Financial Accountant